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We have been an IT hardware provider for nearly 20 years. We know the importance of supplying the correct solutions at the right price. IT is evolving and we are constantly looking at providing more at a lower cost both up front and in terms of long term costs such as energy consumption and support. TCO (Total cost of ownership) can often be overlooked but we make sure our solutions and our support are some of the best available on the market so you or your staff are not wasting man hours on support calls etc. We believe in a simple approach. Quality equipment, competitive prices and fantastic service all help to make our solutions some of the most competitive in terms of TCO over the equipments life cycle.

We are one of the largest Dell equipment suppliers in the UK, we predominately supply to the education sector but also supply to SME’s and to public sector establishments.

We also supply equipment from all other vendors and have partnerships and accreditations with most of the largest manufacturers in the IT industry. We have a simple approach that no customer is too large or too small and pride ourselves on great customer satisfaction and service.


Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Thin Clients, Chromebooks.

Servers, SAN’s, NAS, Switching, Data Backups, Wireless infrastructure.

Computer Components, Spare Parts, Peripherals and Consumables.